About the Author

Bev was born in Dallas, Texas in 1956. She was adopted at three days old by Ben and Betty Bowden and raised in a loving home with two brothers that were also adopted. After three adoptions, Ben and Betty had two biological sons of their own that were born in 1962 and 1963, giving her a total of four brothers. Good fortune was on her side to be adopted by Dr. Ben and Betty Bowden. She was a part of a glorious blended family that she is so thankful for. 


She attended Bryan Adams High School in Dallas and recieved her B.S. in design, merchandising and marketing from the University of North Texas in 1978. 


In 1984, Bev was given the support by her family which came in the form of a heart felt letter from her mother, Betty, giving Bev her blessing to search for and to fulfill the always-present question in her life to seek her birth parents. She began the journey to attempt to find answers to many of the questions that come with being adopted. Even in the best possible scenario of adoption, which was hers, there are always the nagging questions of who am I, where did I come from, and why did you not want me. 


Bev is recently retired after twenty-eight years in the legal field in Dallas, Texas where she was fortunate enough to live with her stepson Wes Hendrix, an amazing young man she is so proud of and her and Mike's beautiful daughter, Mckinley Hendrix. Bev currenlty lives with her husband Mike at their beautiful new log home on their ranch they call "Two Bucks" in Rochelle, Texas.